Voter list by state / Assembly constituency / village / city / polling station wise

Voter list by state: Find voter list of the current year by state wise, Assembly Constituency wise, District wise, Mandal and Village wise. Search voters by name also any part of the Name or house name number.

Voter list by state

Election commission of India(ECI) providing various online services for voters that are Voter id registration, Voter application status, correction and check voter list.Candidates can check their name in voter list by using various entries.Here mainly find out the voter from updated voter list through national voter’s service portal(NVSP).

And the availability of voter list online.The central election commission is the autonomous body, it conducts the elections independently.And it allocates the voter id’s and deletes the voter id at the time of updating of voter list.all the political parties must be registered with the election commission of India.Recently ECI decided to link aadhaar card to Voter id’s to eliminate the fake votes.Various types checking voter list listed below.

Search by Voter id/EPIC in Voter list:

Election commission often updates voter list to eliminate the fake voters.On entering the name, a list of all eligible voters with that name in the district and constituency will be displayed on the screen.It is best facility users to voter id card electoral roll.All the voter’s list formed by consequence level. The voter must check the Election id card details available on official site of voters service portal.

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Find the name in voter list by Area/Locality:

ECI facilitate to customers to find out the name in the Electoral roll by using Area.The individual will have to select the district and locality as mentioned in the drop-down menu, after which a list of all eligible voters currently on the rolls will be displayed. The individual can then look through to list to locate his/her name.

Search name in voter list:

Voters find their name in voter list without any registration number, EPIC number.This includes any maiden name if the same has not been updated in the electoral records. On entering the name, a list of all eligible voters with that name in the district and constituency will be displayed on the screen.The whole process available on NVSP web portal.

Find voter list in all state:

The central election commission is which is an autonomous body, it controls all state-level election commissions in the country.Central election commission conducts the elections of the state Assembly, Parliament, and presidential elections. State-level election commission conducts elections of Municipal level & panchayath level elections. But Voters participate all these elections voter id card issued by the central election commission of India.

State election commission conducts elections at the municipal level, Grampanchayath level elections.Here voters find their name voters list at village level, city level, Mandal level voter’s list.These all the details available at the state level election commission official websites.If the voter needs to find out their election card id/name from the official website by using an EPIC/Name and other details.


Search name in Voters list of all states

Find Voter list by state wise

How to find voter list
Normally voter list Not Available In a Documents Formats Like pdf. ms .doc extension.
All you need search as for your requirement for example; If you want to know about voter list of your Assembly constituency or Ward simply Go to list of CEO regional websites in India . and Select your state website.
For example, I am going to find out Andhra Pradesh voters List by District and Assembly constituency-wise.

How to find voter list on regional CEO website?

  1. Simply visit the CEO (chief Electoral officer) website of your regional Area. And look for voter list or Electoral_Rolls something similar words like that.
  2. Click on that link Choose your District and your Assembly Constituency
  3. After selecting the Assembly Constituency and of your District and then click on Get polling Stations.
  4. After you got data about voters polling stations. you have seen voter list by polling station wise.
  5. This is the process of knowing voters list by year and Assembly constituency-wise.
I know this some difficult to find voters list manually. Of course, I suggest you search for your state “voters list” on you may find direct Access to voters list 2014-15 in your Area.
For Knowing your State CEO website, visit the voter id status page also check voter registration process. on this voter id website.

Here I am going Record a video about Finding Voters list for the current year.

Video transcription of voter list

Normally we unable to find voters list of our district or Assembly constituency.here I am showing how to find exactly if have you any problems finds your voters list please comment this website, not in below video also look at the description to visit voter id help website of me.Here I am going to see Ap voters list 2014.On CEO website, we pdf electoral rolls but in pdf may not available let’s see.

Almost browsers block pop-up windows you have to find blocking and allowing them.You may look at pop-up blocking Mozilla-like this.
and click allow popups for your CEO website.Select your polling station and click for the view
to see voter list of your polling Area. Here you can get voters list by your regional language
or in English in pdf format. you may look here. some electoral got deleted due to

If you want to print the voter’s list
click CTRL+P to print. See how many pages it mostly political leaders need this

Ok, this is the example for 1 regional website to check voter list by district wise. You may find many tutorials on our website look at the description below.

Voter list by state

You can search your voter Name by www.electoralsearch.in

  • Search your name in National Electoral Roll by entering basic details.
  • Locate polling station on the map.
  • Print voter information slip.
  • Apply for Enrollment, Modification, Deletion, and change of address in electoral roll
  • Know Booth Level Officer(BLO), Electoral Roll Officer(ERO)
  • Know District Election Officials and officials in Chief Election Office
visit the website from here http://electoralsearch.in/

voter list in Maharashtra:
voters list in Andhra pradesh:http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/Search/search.aspx
voter list in Telangana:http://ceoaperms.ap.gov.in/TS_Search/search.aspx

 Voter list by state, Voter list by state
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