Voter id verification

Voter id verification

Voter ID is an identity for all the Indian citizens of age 18 and above, which aids the action of voting. This is the easiest means a citizen can achieve to be part of an active government. The government of India has taken the initiative of making the application process for voter ID online to assist people directly. This is a great success thanks to the team of the each state government organizations combine with the central government.
The usual steps that include the application of a voter ID are the application where you will need to fill the Form 6 and submit it online or offline.
Once you have submitted the form, you can check the status of your form online itself. Then there is the process of Voter’s verification, in which the government officials come around to the address you have mentioned in the form to check the validity of the information specified in the application form.
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Steps to get Voter’s ID verification:

1.      Login to the website- Each of the state government has its own individual Chief Electoral Officer’s official website, which contains details on the process of registering a voter ID in detail. There also will be a link to download or fill the form online itself. Along with these, the website also contains information on how to fill the application form.
2.      Fill Form 6- Form 6 is the application that needs to be filled to register a voter ID, you will have to provide details on the district you are from and your house address and other personal data. There is the hyperlink to the website that will aid you in filling the form.
3.      Related documents- There are a bunch of the official records that you will need to provide to register yourself to get a voter ID card. The documents are proof of residence (a telephone bill or electricity bill), proof of age (10th standard marks card) and proof of date of birth of the applicant (Birth certificate). Send copies of these documents to the nearest electoral office either by mail or go directly and submit them.
4.      Verification Process- This is similar to the passport verification process, but in this case, an electoral office is appointed to check the validity of the information mentioned in the application form. They will visit your residential address to verify that and also talk to a couple of your neighbors to validate the address.

Why is voter verification necessary?

The necessity of verification arose when some political parties chose to cheat by voting in single person’s Voter ID at a different booth. When the government of India noticed such malicious activities, they are working very hard to eradicate this act through the Voter ID verification process. There are many other ways through which political parties in India try to cheat and fake in votes for their benefit, but both the state and central government officials are striving very hard to remove such malicious events from taking place at any point of time in the future and now.
Voter Id Card Helpline Number: After submission of voter id card application, the applicant can check voter id card verification, then he or she can contact using the helpline number 1950 and 23918888. 
Voter id verification, Voter id verification
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