Voter Id card Correction by Name/Photo/Address

Voter id correction

Voting to choose the government that is going to rule you for the next 5 years is also you are being patriotic towards your nation. In India like in many other countries has the voting law, which says that for you to exercise voting you will need a voter ID. The government, be it state or central government is working on spreading the awareness of the importance of voting. One such effort is asking for voter ID copy when registering a SIM card for your mobile, as everyone now needs a mobile irrespective of location and occupation.
The applicants for Voter ID card every year is abundant, the chances of small errors are bound to happen. These errors can be easily corrected again either online or offline, fill out the appropriate application form and submit it online or at the nearest electoral office.
Voter id correction also like the application is made simple and easy by the government with strong allies with state government are successful with this initiative. voter Id card Correction
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Below are the basic steps you can follow when you need a correction in your Voter ID:

  • You need to click on the link
  • This will open up another page where various online application forms will be listed
  • As we want to make changes in the information, you need to click on “Form 8”


  • This form 8 is the “Application for correction to particulars entered in electoral roll
  • Make sure that you have your voter card with you so that you exactly know what modification or update has to be done
  • Now you need to fill in this online application form

Voter Id card Correction

  • First of all select you state and Parliamentary Constituency
  • The next step is to provide your details
  • Note – Enter these details very carefully, double check the spellings
  • After this provide your full address
  • Enter your Voter ID Card number, it is mentioned on your voter card
  • To verify the details entered by you, the portal needs you to upload any document that can act as proof. So you need to upload the scanned copy of any such documents along with your photo
  • You need to upload an Identity proof documents and An address proof document
  • Then you need to tick mark the section that is incorrect in your voter card, You need to select from –
  • Name, Age, Gender, Father/Mother Name, Address, Photograph & ID number., Just select the one that you need to modify
  • Specify the place and enter the details
  • Also, provide your mobile number and email id in the space provided
  • Before hitting the submit button make sure that every piece of information provided by you is correct and the correct documents, the photograph is upload. You can save the entered information by clicking on “save”
  • When you are sure, hit the submit button
  • After the submission, you will get a confirmation.
  • In the next voter list, you will see the updated information.

Voter Id card Correction, voter Id card Correction

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